Have you guys noticed this!? I hear it all the time.

What if I never get better? What if I always feel this way? What if it doesn’t help? What if I can’t? What if I never want to? What if I don’t have the energy? What if they get mad? What if they really don’t like me?

I could go on and on! It’s a good reminder, I think, because anxiety is all future thoughts, it’s trying to control something we cannot control.

It’s worrying about things that haven’t (& may never) happen.

I know saying that doesn’t make the thoughts go away, but try being more mindful of how often you say “what if”. Do you find yourself saying it a lot? Do you find yourself spending a lot of time thinking about future things that you have no control over? Do you struggle to stop anxious thoughts from snowballing? All of this can be great to gain awareness around and start growing and making changes in.


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