I have learned so much from practicing meditation, but one of the most significant concepts is that everything changes!
Don’t stress too much about the bad, it will change.
Don’t get too attached to the good, it will change.
That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy the beautiful things in our lives, it means we should enjoy them and appreciate them as much as possible while we have them.
At times it can feel like the bad will never end. Like the pain, sadness and frustration will never lift and we will be stuck there forever. There will be times when the lows last longer then we want them to and the fight out feels impossible. And then the day comes that you start to feel better, maybe just a little bit, but better.
Sometimes the ups and downs are more like a tangled knot then a rollercoaster, but you can get through!
Everything comes and goes and happiness is about learning to enjoy the ride.