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Packages range from messaging, check ins and assignments, to those things plus phone or video calls. Contact me and we can find the perfect one to fit your needs.

Popular Packages-

  1. All Online- (messaging & homework assignments)
  2. One live session a month + messaging and assignments
  3. Two sessions a month + messaging and assignments



Learn How to Become Your Most Happy, Confident & Motivated Self.

Do you want to be able to better cope with stress, frustration, self doubt, anxiety & depression? This course is for you if you have been down, stuck and feeling lost. It will also help you take your life and goals to the next level.

This course includes all of the top information & activities that have been most helpful for 100’s of my clients. It’s essentially the “best of therapy”in a course!


Groups are great if you want a supportive community to share and learn with. They are also¬† less costly and come with less pressure than individual sessions. Check out my “Relationship Improvement” Facebook group, or ask about me about what online groups are currently running.¬†

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