Have you every wondered what therapists think of you when you are crying in therapy? Today I am answering this question and talking about my experience both as a client and therapist.

It can be incredibly intimidating to cry in session. Or to cry at all in front of people! We are not taught how to be vulnerable or how to own our emotions. In fact, we are taught to hide from them. To pretend like we are fine. To pretend we are “tough”. People often are taught that crying is weakness, when it fact, that couldn’t be more false. Crying and owning our emotions takes incredible strength and confidence. And practice!

I have worked with so many clients through this. They are uncomfortable with showing emotion in front of me at first. They wonder what i’m thinking and feelings. They wonder if I am judging them.Talking through this can be very powerful and healing. I am not judging them, I am honored to be witnessing their pain and emotion. The only person who is judging them, is themselves! This is something we can and will continue to work on. Often it will take examining all of the negative talk and lessons that they have learned about emotions. What have you learned about emotions? What emotions are okay to express? What emotions are not okay to express? For more on that topic, check out
my other video- http://bit.ly/how2feelyouremotions

I hope this video helps to answer some of your questions and gives you incite into the sometimes elusive minds of therapists! If you have any questions or want some support, reach out to me!

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As always, reach out to me with any questions!