This truly is one of the hardest pieces of Betrayal Trauma. We aren’t hurt (or able to be hurt this bad) by strangers or those we don’t care about.


This level of pain and Betrayal can only be caused by people we love.


People we are committed to. People we sacrifice for. People we thought were and always would be by our side. That is why this is so tough.


It is purposeful pain and deceit that is inflicted by the people we love most in this world.

Not much hurts like that does. And looking at it this way, no wonder we are traumatized! No wonder life hasn’t felt the same since we found out.


Everything has changed.


It’s like a bomb went off in our lives as we knew it.

We no longer feel safe, loved or secure. We feel scared, uncertain of anything, angry beyond measure.

And unsure of how or if any of it can be fixed. Ever.